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How Air Conditioning Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

Yucaipa is a desert community, which means Yucaipa air conditioning maintenance is as important as car repairs or plumbing repairs. A smooth-running air conditioner maintains your home’s comfort levels, even when the temperatures climb into the triple digits. And the more efficient your air conditioner is, the less you’ll have to pay for that comfort with your monthly energy bills. A routine maintenance session can fix small elements like loose bolts, seal any leaks and recharge you refrigerant levels to optimum status. That can help keep small problems from becoming big ones. More importantly, it can keep your unit functioning at its peak. Here’s how routine air conditioning maintenance in Yucaipa improves energy efficiency.

In the first place, sealing leaks and tightening loose bolts and fittings reduces strain on the AC unit’s various components. That means they don’t have to work as hard to do their job, as well as helping them last longer before needed replacement.

Recharging refrigerant, for its part, is a vital part to maintaining the efficiency of the cooling process itself. When refrigerant levels drop, ice can form on the evaporator coils – reducing the AC’s ability to produce cool air – as well as placing additional strain on the all parts of the system. Dirt and dust on the coils can have much the same effect, while general dirtiness places further strain on all aspects of the air conditioning system. A clean system is an efficient system, reducing friction on moving parts and allowing the refrigerant to cool the air without interference.

You can sense the difference in this both in the specific way your air conditioner functions (improved air flow, colder air, and the like) and in your monthly bills. In towns like Yucaipa, air conditioning systems run almost constantly during the summer months. The more you can do to ease that burden the longer your AC unit will last and the more your checkbook will thank you. For further tips on how air conditioning maintenance improves energy efficiency, and to set up a maintenance schedule for your system, call the Yucaipa air conditioning maintenance experts at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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