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3 Tips for Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

It may be surprising to you to learn that the air inside your home is perhaps more polluted than the air outside. But the fact is, we keep our homes sealed very tightly as we’re running our AC and heating systems, which only traps in contaminants and allows particles to continue to circulate in the air.

Your respiratory health is at risk as you breathe in some of the most common contaminants found in homes in Yucaipa, such as bacteria, dander, pollen, and dust. You may have already noticed the effects of this if you have family members with asthma or allergies. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning wants to help, which is why we’ve listed a few quick indoor air quality tips.

  • Consider Better HVAC Filtration – Any forced-air heating and air conditioning system needs a filter to keep particles away from the HVAC unit in order to keep them from damaging the unit. But your air filter may not also provide enough air filtration to keep your household healthy. You may need to upgrade your filter to one with a higher MERV minimum efficiency reporting value) in order to better protect your health. You may also decide to supplement your HVAC filtration with an electronic air purifier, which can remove smaller particles than most filters.
  • Dehumidify – If there is too much moisture in the air in your home, this transfers over to the walls, which can then fall susceptible to water damage and mold. As mold spores move into the air, it becomes dangerous for your family. Running your air conditioner more frequently can remove some of the excess moisture, but this will also use a lot of energy. Installing a dehumidifier to work with your HVAC system can help tremendously.
  • Seal Your Ducts – When there are leaks in the ducts, your air conditioning and heating equipment can’t run efficiently. Furthermore, the blower fan may pull in air from places like a crawlspace or the attic, which may contain many contaminants, especially if there is fiberglass insulation.

Call the experts at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning for more indoor air quality tips or to schedule air filtration installation, duct sealing, or dehumidifier services in Yucaipa.

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