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Do You Have Enough Air Filtration in Your Home?

Your air conditioning and heating system comes standard with an air filter that helps to clean the air, keeping contaminants from recirculating through your ducts. But these weren’t originally designed with health in mind. Air filters serve another key purpose: protecting your HVAC equipment from damage. While all filters are effective enough to block large debris from the AC unit, not all filters can reduce some of the main allergens common to most homes. If your indoor air quality is at stake, you may consider an electronic air filter or a UV air purifier as a supplementary device.

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Electronic Air Cleaners Supplement Your HVAC Filter

Your home filter has some level of effectiveness, but likely not very much. Filters are rated for effectiveness, and most home filters are given a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of about 1 to 7. The scale goes up to 16, and a higher MERV rated filter will remove more particles. In the best case scenario, your MERV 7 filter is able to remove dusting aids, dust mites, and pollen from the air, but not other contaminants like legionella, small bacteria, and mold spores. Larger filters are not recommended as they can block airflow to your HVAC unit.

Electronic air cleaners work with your HVAC system to charge the particles that pass using negative and positive ion charges. The particles are given a charge so that they can collect on metal plates in the device with an opposite charge. You’ll generally need to clean these plates every few months, but they should be able to eliminate many hazardous particles from the air.

Consider a UV Air Purifier for Additional Protection

UV air purifiers are installed at the air handler in order to protect against microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. These can lead to illness in your family members, especially those with compromised immune systems. The UV rays are strong enough to kill and sterilize these organisms, and may also eliminate mold and unpleasant odors from a home.

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