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Be Prepared with Your AC for More Hot Weather

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningThe early fall is still a hot time of the year in Southern California, and although we’ll have short cool spells, we will also experience periods of extreme heat. This is why you have to be vigilant about your air conditioning system at this time of year. With all the work the AC has already done over a hot summer, the stress on it places it in danger of a possible breakdown when further heat waves strike. Ensuring your air conditioner can still take on this late-year heat is important.

What You Can Do to Help

First, give your air conditioning as much of a break as possible during cool stretches. It’s common for people to keep their air conditioner running when they come out of summer, even during mild warm days. We recommend you don’t run the air conditioner unless the outdoor temperature climbs above 80°F. Set the thermostat to 78°F. You can even have the AC shut off entirely and simply use the HVAC fan while opening up windows and doors to allow for improve air circulation. The less stress you put on the cooling system this later in the year, the better.

Second, don’t forget about the air filter in the HVAC cabinet. It still needs to be regularly changed, and people often forget to do the last change at the end of summer. Nothing will cause a faster increase in strain on an HVAC system, even when running in fan-only mode, than a clogged air filter.

Third, always have the air conditioner repaired if there are any indications that something is wrong with it. Even if it isn’t outwardly affecting performance (such as a strange noise from the cabinet). A malfunction of any kind creates a high risk of a full system breakdown.

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