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Why You Need to Change Your AC’s Air Filter (And Where to Find It)

Every year in the spring, you must arrange for a maintenance visit for your air conditioning system from an HVAC professional. This will prepare for the rigors of another hot Southern California summer. But there is an important maintenance task that you will need to perform yourself each month during the summer: changing (or cleaning) the AC’s air filter.

Why do I need to do this?

The air filter protects the interior of the air conditioning cabinet from debris that enters through the return air ducts. As the filter traps dust, dander, and other particles, it will start to become congested. After a month of steady work (the sort you can expect during a California summer) the filter will be fully clogged. Much the same way that a clogged filter in a dryer will make the dryer inefficient, a clogged filter in an AC will force it to work harder and drain extra energy. It could even lead to debris infiltrating the cabinet. Changing the filter once a month (or cleaning it off if it uses a permanent filter) will keep your AC working at its best.

So where is the filter?

That’s a tougher question to answer, since it varies from home to home. First look over your air conditioning cabinet and locate the air handler, which should be near where the ductwork connects to the AC cabinet. The filter may be in a slot on the intake side of the air handler where it can slide out. If you can’t find the filter near the air conditioner, check on the return vent inside your house. The filter may be located behind the grill of the vent.

If you need help with locating the air filter, check with a technician. It is a wise idea during annual maintenance to have a technician show you where the filter is and how to change/clean it.

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