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Why Is My Ductless AC Wall Unit Sagging?

You may live in one of the many homes in Southern California that uses a ductless system for its air conditioning as well as its heating. These ductless mini splits are an excellent way to provide comfort without the need for space-eating ducts that collect dust and often lose air through leaks.

But ductless air conditioning systems can run into problems as well. If you notice that one of the indoor units—the air handlers—is sagging on the wall or looks like its crooked, you might imagine something’s wrong. And you’re probably correct.

Why this is may be happening

One possibility is a poor installation job. Did you try to install the system yourself, or allow an amateur to do it? If so, the air handler was probably mounted incorrectly so it wasn’t secured to the wall. We recommend calling in a professional to look over the whole system and see if there are other troubles because of the bad original installation. We may need to replace some of the air handlers or even the outdoor unit if it was incorrectly sized.

If the ductless mini split system received a good installation from pros, the likely cause for a sagging wall unit is that there’s a leak in the condensate line. The condensate moisture from the unit has to drain outside through a line, and the line passes through a 3” hole drilled behind the unit. A leak will cause water to build up between the unit and the wall, eventually leading to the wall weakening. If this isn’t fixed, the unit will eventually rip away from the wall—and take part of the drywall with it!

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