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What Type of Heating System Is Right for Your Home?

There’s a reason Palm Springs is a famous vacation spot, popular enough to inspire the jazz classic “Palm Springs Jump” by Slim Gaillard: beautiful warm weather around the year. But… cold weather happens, and if you want to stay comfortable during those December-through-February days when the temperature can drop to the 40s at night, you’ll need an efficient heating system. What sort of Palm Springs, CA heating installation will work best for you?

We can’t give you a direct answer to that in a blog post, because we don’t know your home’s specific needs. However, we can find out: give us a call at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning and we’ll look over which of these options (and others) will give you the comfort you need:

Heat pump: These are superb systems for a location with hot summers and mild winters, since they act as both air conditioners and heaters. Heat pumps operate similarly to  standard air conditioners (indeed, an air conditioner is a kind of “heat pump,” although it’s not what we mean when we use the term): refrigerant moves heat from indoor condensing coils to the outdoor evaporator coils. A heat pump can reverse the process, making the two coils swap jobs. Heat pumps aren’t as effective in extreme cold—but for Palm Springs they are ideal.

Furnace: These old standbys remain popular to this day because of their relative low initial cost, flexibility with fuel source, effective heat levels, and easy installation if you already have ducts. With so many varieties of furnaces available, we can easily find a model that’s right for your home.

There are many more options to consider, and each of them involves further choices to get you to the type, model, and size of system that will match your home. Make sure you have professionals helping you each step of the way. Contact Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning for quality heating installation in Palm Springs, CA. Since 1980, we’ve given our Palm Springs customers year-round home comfort.

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