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What to Look for in a New Air Conditioning System

Are you curious about what AC is right for your new home? Have you already started the process, but are confused by the various details? Searching for the right system can be daunting, not only because of the range of available system types and brands, but also because it’s not clear how they are different from each other. While the quality of the equipment itself is incredibly important, it must be professionally installed if you want to ensure your new AC works well for the years to come. In today’s post, we’d like to examine a few different factors to consider when making your choice. Call the Palm Springs, CA air conditioning specialists at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for comprehensive installation services.

  • Size. The size of your AC is perhaps the most important factor to ensure that your system is efficient and effective. Bigger is not better when it comes to HVAC, and you need an AC that perfectly matches your living space. During installation, a Palm Springs, CA air conditioning installation technician will perform a load calculation that gives him the data he needs to recommend an air conditioner that fits your home. A system that is too small leads to inadequate cooling, overheated components, and high energy bills; while a system that is too large leads to frequent short-cycling.
  • Energy efficiency rating. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating seeks to give consumers a numerical index of how their new air conditioners will fare in terms of the relation between cooling output and electrical energy input. It is a good way to estimate how efficient your new system will be, but it cannot take into account the individual circumstances of your home, such as its insulation, as well as the condition of your ductwork.
  • Ducts or no ducts. With the rise in popularity of ductless mini split air conditioning, you can also decide between ducts and no ducts. Each system type has its own advantages, but ductless systems do tend to be highly energy efficient.

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