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What to Do Before the Cooling Season is Over

Yucaipa air conditioning concerns go beyond simple comfort into legitimate health issues. We live in a desert, and our air conditioning systems are the first, best line of defense against scorching triple-degree temperatures. It can be tempting to breathe a sigh of relief as cooling season comes to and end: when we can turn off our air conditioners and give our electric bills a break. Before that happens, however, it pays to take a few steps to help keep your air conditioner running at its peak. Here’s what to do before cooling season is over.

  • Schedule a maintenance session with a qualified service technician. A full summer of use can result in a lot of wear and tear on your system, as parts wear down and fittings become loose. If refrigerant lines develop a leak, you could see a drop in refrigerant levels, which might lead to more serious problems later on down the line. A maintenance session can address all of those issues before the season ends, leaving your air conditioner ready to go in the spring when temperatures start to rise again.
  • Clear the outside unit of weeds and plant growth. Twigs, leaves and other detritus can cause lots of damage if they slip into your air conditioner, and summertime growth can be quite extensive at the end of the season. Do a little gardening by clearing the air conditioner unit of any nearby leaves, vines and branches. It will leave the air conditioner much less vulnerable to those sorts of problems.
  •  Consider an upgrade. You can help save energy before next summer by making alterations or upgrades to your existing unit. For example, you can replace an older thermostat with a programmable one, allowing it to turn on and off automatically when you go to work. Or you can set up a zone control system, allowing you to only cool those parts of the house you’re using. Both will save a great deal of energy, and the end of the cooling season gives you plenty of time to schedule an installation.

If you know what to do before the cooling season is over, call on Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning to help. We handle Yucaipa air conditioning issues of all varieties, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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