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What to Check before You Call Heating Repair

When your heating system stops working, your first instinct is probably to call up your HVAC technician right away. That isn’t actually a bad idea. However, there are a few things you’ll probably want to check first. Even if you do end up needing to call a professional, it helps to have an inkling of where the problem might be.


Thermostat malfunctions are a very common cause of heating systems acting strangely. The thermostat acts as the central control center for the entire heating system. The rest of your system could be perfectly fine, mechanically, and still not work if the thermostat is broken. Check the display to make sure that the temperature is correct and the heat is on. If the display seems accurate and your heating system still isn’t working properly, you may have a problem with your thermostat.

Vents and Ducts

Problems with the vents and ducts commonly present as cold spots or uneven heating between rooms. If you notice this issue, check the vents to make sure they’re clear and circulating air. If not, there might be a blockage further back in the ducts. You’ll need to call a professional to deal with it at that point.

Heating Unit

It can be difficult to identify problems with your central heating unit, since there are many possible options regarding heating systems. For this post we’re going to assume you are using a forced air system, since it is the most common. If you use a pilot light, check to see if it’s still lit. If the pilot light is out, that is the source of your problem. Your HVAC technician can relight it for you. If the pilot light is on, you will likely have to call a professional to diagnose the problem. This is because the other two common problems with furnaces, broken burners and irregular gas flow, require expert knowledge to examine.

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