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What Could Go Wrong if You Try to Fix an Air Conditioner Yourself

This is something we emphasize over and over: you should never attempt to make repairs to your home’s air conditioning system on your own. (Nor should you entrust the work to amateurs, although that’s a topic for another post.) Trust us, we understand the urge to go “do-it-yourself” and find a way to save money. But this isn’t an area where DIY is beneficial. Most of the time, it creates far worse problems.

Below are some of the troubles, large and small, that can occur should you decide to tackle that malfunctioning central air conditioning on your own:

You might injure yourself

This issue isn’t as major as it is with a gas-powered system like a furnace. But the threat still exists. An air conditioner is an electrical system that uses chemical refrigerant, and neither are things you want to tamper with if you lack professional training. A harmful high voltage electric shock is always a possibility, and poor refrigerant handling can release dangerous chemicals into the air.

You will probably create further repairs issue

Modern air conditioning systems are specialized to the point that it’s almost impossible for someone without professional equipment to fix them. The basic tools in your home are inadequate to this task, and you also don’t have the necessary replacement parts. Fiddling around with the system is likely to make the problem worse.

You might void the warranty

If your air conditioning system is still under warranty and you end up damaging it with an amateur repair, it might void the warranty. Relying on licensed technicians will help you avoid issues with the warranty.

You will waste time

Time is a valuable commodity, and when you invest in professional AC repairs, you will have your air conditioning system back up and working in no time at all. Working on your own will take much longer—and you probably won’t end up getting the air conditioner fixed anyway.

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