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Watch Out for a Leaking Air Conditioner at the End of Summer!

Leaking is something you might expect from a damaged water heater or corroded piping. But an AC that leaks water? Is that something that happens?

Yes, it is. As your air conditioner works to cool down the air in your house, it absorbs water moisture out of the air. The collected moisture drips from the evaporator coil and down into a shallow condensate pan. A pump then removes this water down the drain line and out of the house.

But problems with the pan, drain line, and pump can lead to water leaking out of the air conditioning system… and that’s not something you want to happen.

How Do These Leaks Start?

The most common cause for a leaking air conditioner is a clogged drain. Dirt can enter the system, especially at the end of summer when the air filter can become congested, and enter the drain. Algal growth can block the drain. Because the condensate pan is very shallow, water will quickly overflow from the pan.

Other reasons for water to escape from the air conditioner include a burnt-out condensate pump and corrosion along the drain that causes it to detach from the pan and allow water to fall out the bottom.

How Leaking Creates Problems

First, water falling out from an AC can create hundreds of dollars in water damage to your house. Second, the excess humidity put into the air from pooling water will encourage the growth of mildew, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other unhealthy organic intruders. Finally, water dripping around electronic equipment presents a fire hazard. Should you see water leaking from your air conditioner, you must have the issue repaired right away.

Don’t Go DIY with a Leaking Air Conditioner!

One of the biggest misconceptions about HVAC systems is that most problems they encounter can be fixed “do-it-yourself” style. Aside from cleaning and changing an AC’s filter and resetting tripped breakers, you shouldn’t attempt to fix problems with an air conditioner on your own. This applies to clogged drain lines as much as anything else. Don’t poke around the drain line and use spotty advice garnered from an Internet search to repair a leaking air conditioner. When you call on HVAC professionals, you will have the trouble fixed—fast and right—which will save you money and future headaches.

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