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Tips on How to Install a Ductless System on Your Own (Spoilers: Don’t!)

Okay, we gave away a lot of the content of this post in the title. You see, we can’t give you any tips on how to handle putting in a ductless air conditioning and heating system yourself because this job ­must be left to air conditioning professionals.

But aren’t ductless mini splits easier to install than standard ACs and heat pumps?

Yes, they are. Ductless mini splits do not require the installation of a large indoor unit in a house that must be hooked into the electrical system and then connected to the ductwork. Instead, it requires mounting a series of smaller air handlers (the “mini” part of the name) on the walls of different parts of the house. This requires less work than putting in a conventional central air conditioning, and in general it’s a faster installation job.

However, there is still too much technical work involved for anyone without proper training to be able to do the installation correctly. First of all, there is still the full-size outdoor unit that needs installation, and this is just as difficult to install in a mini split system as in a split system as it is. Second, an amateur job of mounting the individual air handlers units in the house can result in damage to the walls and air handlers that fall off after a few months. Third, the correct placement of the air handlers is key to the success of the system. Fourth, refrigerant and power lines need to run through the walls behind the air handlers and then out to the outside unit, and this is too big a project to do without the necessary training.

For professionals, this is a quick and easy job

All around, you’re much better off if you give the job to HVAC technicians. It won’t take them long to finish, and the reward of a working system that will continue to operate for years without problems far outweighs the small amount of money you might potentially save by going DIY.

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