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The Thermal Expansion Valve and Better Air Conditioning Performance

Now is one of the best times to consider replacing your old AC and installing a new system. Hotter weather is already arriving, and we can expect to experience another scorching summer, when it’ll be necessary to have air conditioners in our homes that are capable of handling 100°F+ temperatures on a regular basis.

But putting in a new air conditioner is also about having a system that will save money while working with greater reliability. One of the key components of the an effective and efficient air conditioner is a part called the thermal expansion valve (or TXV). We’re going to take a look at what this component does and how it significantly improves efficiency and performance in a cooling system.

What the thermal expansion valve (TXV) does

A TXV is designed to regulate the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator (the indoor part of an air conditioning system containing the evaporator coils). Controlling this flow is important to increase the evaporator’s energy efficiency, but it also stops excess liquid refrigerant from getting into the compressor, a condition known as floodback that can cause the compressor serious damage, even leading to it burning out.

When refrigerant first enters the TXV, it’s in liquid form, having cooled down after moving from the outdoor condenser coils. The TXV reduces the pressure of the liquid, which causes it too cool down more. The valve then controls the rate at which the cold liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator in order to match the flow rate against the speed at which the refrigerant evaporates in the coil. This ensures the most efficient evaporation (which absorbs heat) and keeps a flood of refrigerant from getting to the compressor.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that when you’re looking for a new AC that you check to see that the model you purchase has a high-temperature rating (EER) greater than 11.6 and a thermostat expansion valve in order to ensure the best performance under even the hottest conditions.

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