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Start to Prepare for Allergy Season Early

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningWe may not experience major seasonal swings here in the warmth of Southern California, but that doesn’t mean we miss out on seasons all together. One season that we experience like the rest of the country is “allergy season.” Because of our climate, our allergy season can start as early as February!

There are ways you can get yourself ready for allergy season, aside from taking medication. One of the best ways is to improve your home’s air quality systems to get rid of the pollen and other pollutants that create runny noses, wheezing, sneezing, and the other general ickiness that comes along with this time of the year. With the help of indoor air quality professionals, you can enjoy a much healthier first half of the year.

What causes allergy season?

Good question! Why does allergy season start up in the early fall—and sometimes in the winter? The reason is the change in temperature at this time of year can lead to early pollination of the plants that trigger allergies. Wet conditions right before the warming trend will also promote this early bloom, as well as increase the growth of mold that releases toxic mold spores, a major source of allergy problems.

There are many types of plants in our area that can release allergens, such as sagebrush, Russian thistle, and tumbleweed. Allergies aren’t just limited to flowers! When you add in the wind blowing the pollen around, allergy season can be a miserable time for many people, not only those with sensitive allergies.

How can indoor air quality systems make allergy season easier?

Any IAQ system that reduces the number of pollutants circulating around your house is a big help. Thankfully, this is what most air quality systems do—but you have to ensure you have the right type installed to target problems.

  • Air filters are the most basic precaution to take against allergens. Filters stop pollen and dander from moving through them using a media, such as fiberglass strands, to trap them. There are many filters designed to counteract allergens, but you have to be cautious that your house doesn’t have filters that are so thick they will also stop airflow and possibly harm your HVAC system. (HEPA filters, found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, are too powerful for most homes.) IAQ experts will match any filters to your HVAC system.
  • Air purifiers target the particles which may escape a filter. If it’s impossible to put a strong enough filter into your ventilation system to stop all the pollutants, then pairing the filters with an electronic air purifier should get the job done.
  • UV air purifiers are the best method to deal with allergy problems due to mold spores and microbes. These pollutants are hard to trap or eliminate using other methods, but the power of ultraviolet light kills them without placing any chemicals into the air.

Whether you need an air filtration system or an air purifier in Palm Springs, CA to help you get ready for the allergy season, you can depend on us and our indoor air quality services.

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