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Last Minute “Touch-Ups” for Your Heating System

We can now expect hot weather for much of the rest of the year. However, this doesn’t mean you can forget about your heating system in the last days before you shut it down for the spring and summer. There are a number of last-minute repairs and touch-ups you can arrange for the heater that will make sure it’s in the best condition when it finally shuts off to hibernate for summer.

Duct Sealing

This is a fix that affects the entire HVAC system, not only the heater. It’s therefore a good idea to have it done before the air conditioner comes on to handle the heavy work of the summer. If you’ve had trouble over the winter with cold spots in the house or higher utility bills than normal, we recommend having the ducts tested to see if there are air leaks. Having leaks professionally sealed will help you save 20% to 30% off your heating and cooling bills and also improve comfort throughout the year. We use the special Aeroduct process for sealing ducts that’s one of the fastest and most effective methods available.

Arrange for any lingering heating repairs

If you’ve noticed trouble with your heater at this time of the year, you may simply shrug it off as something you can have dealt with later in the year when the heater starts up its winter work. But you should never allow any heating problem to continue, no matter your immediate plans for the system. With a natural gas furnace, allowing a malfunction to go without fixes can lead to serious safety hazards. And any repair issue for a heater will worsen over time, leading to both a more expensive repair and the possibility of a complete system breakdown.

Have an older heater replaced

This is definitely more than a “touch-up,” but it’s an important choice to make at this time of year if your home’s current heater is extremely old and giving off signs it’s unlikely to make it through another season. Even if the heater can struggle on for another year, the wasted energy and chance of an abrupt breakdown don’t make the effort worth it. A heating system that’s more than 15 years old is one to consider replacing, especially if it has given you recent problems and expensive repairs.

Spring is a great time to arrange for a new heating system installation. Professional technicians are less occupied with emergency calls during this time and can help to arrange for a great replacement. They can help a homeowner make the choice about what type of system to put in. For example, you may want to change the electric furnace for a heat pump, or you want to upgrade a gas furnace to a special high-efficiency system. Now is the time to give it serious thought.

No matter what heating installation of heating repair in Redlands, CA you need to end the season, you can trust to our technicians. We’re open 24 hours a day, so you never need to worry about reaching us when you’ve got an HVAC emergency.

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