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It’s Late Summer… Is Your AC Doing Any of These Things?

“Late summer” is a relative term in Palm Springs. It’s hot during most the year, and when the rest of the country is experiencing deep cold temperatures, we’ll be enjoying warm vacation weather. However, summer remains the hottest part of the year, and as the end of the season approaches, air conditioning systems can often give into the massive amount of stress they’ve been under through the scorching weather.

Take some time this week to pay attention to the way your air conditioner is operating. There might be a few things amiss that point toward the need for late-season repairs. We’ve listed some things to watch for below.

Clicking sounds from the cabinet at start-up

When the compressor kicks in to begin the cooling cycle, do you hear a clicking noise? If you do, then it’s likely that the capacitors that send voltage to the compressor motors are starting to fail. Capacitors are one of the more heat-sensitive components in an AC and can fail after a hot summer. Have repairs done fast to replace the capacitors before the problem worsens. Capacitor replacement is a straightforward job for professionals.

The compressor is starting and stopping more than normal

If it seems that the compressor is running for a shorter period than it used to, but starts up again only a brief time later, than the AC may be short-cycling. This places immense strain on the entire system, especially the compressor. There are different possible causes for this, but after a full summer of work, the most likely culprit is wear and tear on the compressor that is making it harder for it to keep running. Technicians can install a special hard-start kit to give the compressor an extra kick.

The cool air from the vents doesn’t feel cool enough

In other words, the air conditioner isn’t doing the job it used to. It’s possible that this is a sign you need an air conditioner replacement. But if the system is still less than 10 years old, it might be suffering from dirt along the indoor coils, ice on the indoor coils, a clogged air filter, or a loss of refrigerant. You’ll need an HVAC professional to locate what’s wrong and repair it.

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