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Is It too Late in Summer to Bother with Minor Air Conditioning Repairs?

Southern California enjoys warm temperatures for much of the year, but the brunt of the hot weather falls during the summer—and it can get extremely hot during that time, making it imperative to schedule any repairs your home’s AC may need as soon as possible.

But what about at the close of the summer? If your air conditioning system is starting to suffer from a few quirks, such as odd clicking noises or a slight drop in cooling capacity, should you bother to call for repairs? After all, you won’t be using it that much, and maybe you can have the minor repairs done during the spring when maintenance time comes around, and—

We’re going to stop you right now. There isn’t really such a thing as a “minor” repair; at least, there isn’t any repair issue in an air conditioner that you can simply leave off until a later time. No matter the time of year, air conditioning malfunctions need to have immediate attention. Here are some of the reasons why:

Unpredictable Southern California Weather

Some of the worst heat waves in state history have struck in the middle of September. In fact, there really is no “off-season” when it comes to air conditioning in Southern California. You shouldn’t risk a poorly performing air conditioner that might break down on you when you need it during the coming months.

High Energy Bills

That “minor” problem in the AC could be costing you money. It probably already is. Whenever an air conditioning system has to operate with a malfunction of any sort, even one that doesn’t outwardly affect cooling performance, it will raise the cost to run it. There’s no reason to pay more for your home’s cooling than you have to.

Larger Repairs Later On

Air conditioning malfunctions tend to be progressive: they worsen as time goes on. When you let what you think is a small problem in an AC go without getting fixed, it will trigger a larger problem—and a much more expensive repair in the future. That repair might be so bad as to require you to replace the whole air conditioning system. And that’s the most expensive “repair” of all!

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