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How Your Thermostat Can Negatively Impact Your Cooling System

The thermostats in your home are actually one of the most powerful components of your air conditioning system. If they start to go bad it can cause big problems for your comfort and efficiency. Here at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning we know how important your air conditioning is—especially during the summer heat. We wanted to help our customers understand how their thermostats work with your AC equipment and what negative effects they can have on your comfort. Give us a call if you need any kind of air conditioning repair services in Palm Springs.

Air Conditioning Services: Thermostat Repairs

Take a look below at some of the most common thermostat problems that could harm the performance of your air conditioning system.

Thermostat placement

One common issue that we sometimes see is a thermostat that is placed in direct sunlight. If this is the case your thermostat might be sensing that your home is hotter than it actually is. This could cause it to run your air conditioning system almost constantly.

Also, if your thermostat is placed too close to your home’s registers it could cause it to detect the incorrect temperature in your home. This can result in your home not getting enough cooling because whenever the AC turns on it blows right on the thermostat and cools it down.

Make sure that your thermostat is located in a central area as well. This can cause certain parts of your home to get cool while other parts don’t.

Dust in the thermostat

If your thermostat has never been cleaned then dust can accumulate inside of it and cause it to start to malfunction. The dust could be causing the wiring to malfunction or the thermostat or thermistor to operate improperly.

Old thermostat

Finally, your thermostat problems could just be caused by the age of the system. If your thermostat is old then it could have become inaccurate or faulty just from old age.

For any air conditioning repair services that you need, call the Palm Springs, CA air conditioning professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

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