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How Do Cooling Towers Work in a Commercial HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC systems are designed for much higher use than residential HVAC systems, and as such must adopt slightly different qualities. In practice, however, the qualities are more a matter of sizing than technique. Commercial cooling towers are bigger, sturdier and built to handle higher loads than cooling towers in residential systems. In Redlands, CA heating installation services can provide more specific guidelines on cooling towers. But in general terms, how do cooling towers work in a commercial HVAC system?

Cooling towers work on the condenser coils, which can get very hot when the system goes through its cycle and cause problems with the air conditioning process. The tower moves cold water through the heated coils, and then into a heat exchanger, which pulls the heat out of the water and sends it back over the coils to continue the process. The results take pressure off the system and allow it to function at higher levels for longer than a unit could without the cooling tower.

It’s not hard to see how important this can be to a commercial HVAC system. Such systems need to work harder for longer, handling conditions in a much larger space for many more people.  Breakdowns are not an option in those situations, and cooling towers can help a great deal. They allow the HVAC system to continue to support a larger load which reducing the risk of repairs in the process. Cooling towers thus become much more desirable in commercial systems than in residential systems, since the need for them is much larger.

If you know how cooling towers work in a commercial HVAC system, and you think they may be a viable option for your place of business, then talk to the experts at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning for help. Installing heating systems in Redlands, CA is one of our specialties, and we know how to install cooling towers with precision and care.  We also put the customer first, and work overtime to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the process. Pick up the phone and call us today to schedule an appointment.

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