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How a UV Air Purifier Will Benefit Your Air Conditioner

We’re proud to offer our customers many indoor air quality services that can help to keep down the irritating pollutants that can make spring allergies miserable for many people. We install air filtration systems that keep the majority of harmful pollutants from circulating through a home. We also install UV air purifiers that eliminate dangerous molds, bacteria, viruses, and germs from the ventilation system.

But UV air purifiers have another important function in households: they can help air conditioners work more energy efficiently and last longer. Even if you haven’t experienced trouble with organic pollutants in your household, you should consider a UV air purifier installation for the summer to benefit the air conditioning system.

Why is a UV air purifier helpful for the air conditioner?

One of the pollutants that a UV air purifier destroys is mold. Ultraviolet radiation disrupts the cellular functions in the cells of mold, killing them and preventing their spread. This is helpful in stopping toxic mold spores from moving through the ventilation system and into rooms. But it also makes the job of the air conditioner easier.

When professionals install UV lights in an HVAC system, they position the lamps so they shine directly onto the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. This coil collects moisture from the air as it works to absorb heat, and this moisture creates an environment that encourages mold growth. Even in a dry climate, mold can become a problem for an AC’s evaporator coil.

It only takes a small layer of mold on the coil to lower how effectively the coil siphons heat from the air. This forces an air conditioner to work harder to provide the cooling level a house requires. The mold will also damage the coil, shortening the AC’s system life. Finally, mold creates an unpleasant musty odor, called “dirty sock syndrome,” that will flow through the ventilation system. All it takes to stop mold before it starts is the right UV air purifier in position.

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