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Furnace Guide: 3 Components You Should Know

Furnaces are one of the most commonly-used heating systems, and while they are durable, it is likely that at some point your furnace will require repair. Heating systems are complex, and working with a system that uses fossil fuels requires expertise and training. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning has offered comprehensive heating services in Yucaipa since 1980, so if you experience problems with your furnace, call us right away.

3 Main Components

Here are 3 main components of a gas furnace:


The igniter is responsible for lighting the gas so that combustion occurs. There are two types of igniters:

  • Intermittent pilot – a small pilot gas line opens when the thermostat cues the ignition process, and an electronic spark lights the pilot.
  • Hot surface – a hot surface igniter is a small probe that heats via electric current. Once the surface of the probe reaches the right temperature, the gas flowing from the burner is ignited.

Out of the two igniters, hot surface igniters are used more commonly, but both types help reduce the energy usage of standing pilot lights.


The burner is a metal component where the air and fuel source mix, and are ignited by the igniter. The size of the burner will depend on the size of your furnace. The burner has short metal tubes through which the gas flows, and the when the gas streams are lit, they heat the heat exchanger.

Blower Fan

The blower fan is responsible for blowing the warmed air from the heat exchanger into your ductwork so that it can be distributed to your living spaces. On an upflow furnace, the blower fan is located in the bottom of the unit, and on a downflow furnace, it is located in the top part of the unit.

It is good to understand how the main components of your furnace work, but heating repairs should be left to the experts. The trained and certified technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning are available around the clock, so call us today.

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