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Ductless Mini Split Repair Issues That Need Professionals on the Job

There are many advantages to using a ductless mini split heat pump in a house: higher energy efficiency, healthier air quality, and the ability to heat and cool only the rooms that need it. And because there is no ductwork that can wear down and develop leaks, ductless systems won’t require as many repairs as standard central air conditioning.

But you can’t expect the ductless heat pump in your home to escape with no repair needs at all. There are some specific problems that these systems may encounter, and it takes trained professionals to fix them. Never try to fix a malfunctioning ductless system yourself. If you feel tempted to try to detach one of the air handlers from the wall to see if you can repair it, stop yourself and instead pick up the phone and give our team a call!

Condensate leaks behind the air handler

Here’s a problem that’s specific to a ductless mini split. The air handlers in each room can sometimes suffer damage from leaks in their condensate lines. Water then starts to build up between where the air handler attaches to the wall, and this will eventually cause the air handler to sag and possibly rip away from the wall.

Motor issues

Ductless systems contain a large number of motors running them because each air handler has its own motorized blower fan. If you notice that one of the air handlers won’t start up, or is producing lower air flow than normal, call for repairs right away.

Refrigerant line leaks

Multiple refrigerant lines lead from the outside unit of a ductless system to the air handlers. If any of these start to leak refrigerant, it will affect the whole system: reducing heating/cooling ability and eventually inflicting damage to the compressor. If you notice a drop in performance from any or all of the air handlers, have professionals on the job right away.

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