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Duct Replacement May Be What Your HVAC System Needs

Fall is an excellent time for making big changes to your HVAC system where necessary. For example, having a new heat pump or furnace put in, or arranging for the installation of air scrubbers and air purifiers that will keep the air circulating through the rooms free of harmful chemicals, viruses, and other contaminants.

But perhaps what your HVAC system really needs is to have parts of its old ductwork replaced. Not only might the ducts have suffered damage, they may have been poor quality in the first place!

The Effect of Poor Ducts on Your HVAC System

Ducts are mostly out of sight, making them easy to forget about. But ducts that are 1) damaged and leaking air, and 2) badly designed and installed are a huge impediment to keeping your home comfortable and energy bills under control.

First, let’s consider duct leaks. High pressure inside the ventilation system can lead to holes starting to appear along the ductwork, and the loss of conditioned air (either heated or cooled) through these holes means enormous energy waste. You’re paying to condition that air—but aren’t receiving any benefits from it. These holes also mean hot and cold spots around the house, and even the entrance of pollutant-filled air from between the walls and in the attic.

Second, inferior duct design is sadly a common occurrence in homes. This means ducts with too many turns and bends that place resistance against airflow, or which are badly insulated and placed in areas of the house where they can lose and gain heat. You may need to have entire duct sections replaced to get your HVAC system to a level where it is able to work its best throughout the year.

You only need to contact us, however, to get started. Our team offers duct repair & replacement, and sealing services. We’ll see you have the best ventilation system possible!

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