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Dealing with Allergies with Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Allergies can be a problem around the year in a place like Southern California. Although there are many medical ways to treat mild to severe allergy problems, one of the best ways to meet the problem is to improve your home’s air quality. Because modern houses don’t allow much fresh air to circulate through them, it’s easy for many allergens to become trapped indoors and continue to move through the HVAC system and rooms.

But how do you boost your air quality, aside from throwing open the windows and doors and letting in the immense outdoor heat? It’s actually simple: you only have to get in contact with our IAQ experts. They’ll find the right service or installation to reduce the allergen count in your home. Below are some effective methods:

Duct Cleaning

Why not remove the huge reservoir of allergens that collect inside your ductwork? It only takes about a year for a layer of dust to develop inside the ducts of your house, and an average of 40 lbs. of dust circulates through the ductwork every year in a six-room home. A thorough duct cleaning job from our professionals will eliminate all these pollutants. Plus it will help the HVAC system perform at maximum energy efficiency.

Air Purifiers

Many allergens are small and will slip through the mesh of standard air filters. To deal with these minute particles, one of the best options is to install an electronic air purifier. An air purifier doesn’t trap pollutants with mesh, but instead uses ionization to cause pollutants to be drawn down to a pair of plates.

UV Lights

One major source of allergic reactions in a house is mold spores and other organic pollutants. The best way to target these unhealthy nuisances is to have UV germicidal lights installed. The UV radiation destroys organic cells without using any chemicals.

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