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Don’t Neglect Any Commercial HVAC Repairs You May Need

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningBecause we enjoy warm weather through most of the year in the deserts of Southern California, it can be easy to take for granted the operation of heating and air conditioning equipment. There’s no hard line between the cooling season, when air conditioners put in the most work, and the heating season, when heaters turn on. The heating season is brief, and air conditioners still often have to put in work during the winter.

But if you own a business in the area, you can’t afford to ignore any possible issues with your commercial HVAC system, heating or air conditioning. A lot is at stake: comfort for employees, clients, customers, tenants, and protection for equipment. A home may be able to scrape past without heating for a few days if something goes wrong—but the impact on a business when the HVAC system falters can be immediate and severe.

Lingering AC problems need to be fixed—no matter the season

You certainly received steady use out of the air conditioning system in your business through October: it was a scorching hot month! Did you notice any performance issues with the cooling during that time? Some examples:

  • Poor cooling in particular zones. If you’ve had employees or customers complaining about parts of the business being hotter than normal, it’s something that needs to be checked on. It could be a failing AC or trouble with the zone control/thermostats.
  • Strange noises coming from the vents. Most businesses have the HVAC equipment housed in rooftop units, which remove most of the noise from the work area. But you can still hear noise coming through the vents. Odd sounds need to be investigated.
  • Elevated utility bills that you can’t account for. You probably keep a close watch on your company’s bills, so any unexpected rise in the cost to run the HVAC system is a major warning of a problem like refrigerant leaking.

Even if you’re using the AC less at the end of the year, you cannot afford to let any potential problems go without a professional checking on it to see if it needs commercial HVAC repair. You may need the air conditioner again at any time. If you use a packaged heat pump for comfort, trouble with the cooling also means trouble with the heating!

Regular maintenance is essential for finding these issues early

The best way to ensure that both your commercial heating and cooling are in peak condition is to have our technicians maintain the entire HVAC system. We’ll check to see that the heating is prepared for the short winter season and the cooling is ready for whatever work it may need to do. You can trust to us to keep your commercial HVAC equipment working year-round. We have a reputation for honesty and great customer service, so if you need service for your commercial HVAC in Palm Desert, CA or elsewhere in the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities, contact our specialists.

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