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Another Late Summer AC Tip: Clean the Outdoor Cabinet

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningEarlier this month, we did a full post of tips to help you with your air conditioning system during the end of summer. The end of August is a time when the blistering heat can, at last, overwhelm a cooling system that’s already labored for a few months in the California deserts. You can always rely on us for air conditioning repairs in La Quinta, CA or elsewhere in the Desert Communities and Inland Empire. But we’d also like to help you avoid problems in the first place: your comfort is our #1 priority!

We’d like to add another tip to the list from our post earlier in August, which is to give the outdoor cabinet a cleaning.

A Clean AC Is a Better AC

We mentioned previously how you should keep the area around the outdoor condenser cabinet of your air conditioner clear of debris and plants trimmed away from it. This prevents the system from suffering damage or blocking it from exhausting heat from indoors. But the cabinet may also have picked up dirt and grime over the summer, and we recommend you use a hose to gently clean off the cabinet at this time of year.

This is more than a cosmetic difference—although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep the outdoor cabinet looking clean and bright! It can make a performance difference. If there’s too much dirt and other grime over the grills of the cabinet, it will make it harder for the system to draw in air, move it across the condenser coil, and then expel the heat back outside with the air. This will lower energy efficiency. It can also allow dirt and other particles to infiltrated the cabinet and collect along the coil, making the system even less efficient. Use a hose on gentle pressure to wash off the cabinet and it will be in better shape.

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