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Aeroseal Is the Best Way to Make Your Ducts Airtight Again

What is the best way to seal up leaky air ducts? There are a few options available:

  • Do it yourself by using duct tape. (This actually won’t work! Please forget we even mentioned it.)
  • Using a special resin-based mastic sealant. The mastic is applied along the leaks and breaks to create a flexible seal.
  • Apply metallic tape (the true “duct tape”) to the leaks to create a mechanical seal.

The second two methods, the ones that actually work, require HVAC professionals. They’ll first test the ducts to determine how serious the leakage is, then target the holes and gaps and close them and make the network of ducts airtight.

Oh, there’s one more method for duct sealing, and it’s not one you’ll find at every HVAC contractor. It’s the special Aeroseal process—and it’s the best way to have ductwork restored to its top condition. If you want to schedule Aeroseal in Redlands, CA or elsewhere in the Inland Empire and Desert Communities, we’re the local professionals to call.

What Is Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a method of sealing ducts that approaches the problem from inside the ventilation system, rather than outside it. Aeroseal combines locating the leaks with closing them, which not only speeds up the job but makes it more thorough.

To use Aeroseal, our HVAC professionals first seal up the ventilation system by closing off all the room vents. They then send small polymer particles into the ductwork under high pressure. The air in the ducts starts to escape out the leaks, and this draws the polymer particles toward the leaks. The particles adhere to the leaks and start to draw other particles. The buildup of particles eventually closes off the leaks. When the process is finished, all the leaks should be sealed from inside. Of course, we’ll check to make sure afterward with another duct test. We never want to leave a job unfinished.

The Benefits of Aeroseal

As we mentioned above, Aeroseal is a fast and thorough method to seal ducts. It removes extra steps from standard duct sealing and rarely misses any leaks.

When you have your leaky ductwork airtight again thanks to Aeroseal, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Better comfort: Air escaping from the ducts is a leading cause of uneven heating in a house. Some rooms may turn stuffy, while others become too cold.
  • Healthier air quality: Air leaks invite dust and even mold spores from the attic and other closed off parts of the home into the ventilation system—and then into your rooms. Sealing these holes gives you better indoor air quality.
  • Energy savings: Losing heated and cool air means losing money. It can be a significant amount of money, too, because the air loss can be 25% to 40%. On average, you’ll save 30% on your energy bills when your ducts are airtight once more.

If you suspect your ductwork needs attention, talk to our team today and arrange for the ductwork services that will solve your problems.

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