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A UV Air Purifier Is Great to Stop Winter Illnesses

The winter season, even in a place as warm as the desert towns of Southern California, is also cold and flu season. People are more likely to get sick during the coming months than in any other time of the year, as cold and flu bugs proliferate and drier air makes it easier for them to spread from person to person. You can defend against this in a number of ways (such as with a humidifier). There’s another powerful indoor air quality tool you can use, the UV air purifier.

How UV Air Purifiers Help Out with Winter Illness

It’s difficult to get rid of microbes moving through the air of a home without using some type of chemical against them—and these chemicals often cause as many problems as they cure. A UV air purifier provides a, well, purer way to eliminate the germs that can lead to illness.

A UV air purifier consists of a set of lamps that are installed into the HVAC system near where the air conditioner coil is, which is a place where all air from the blower fan must pass. The lamps send out ultraviolet rays, which are deadly to organic tissue. The power of these lights isn’t enough to hurt people or pets, but it is strong enough to destroy simple organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. The rays disrupt these contaminants’ cellular functions, either killing them outright or rendering them inert and unable to reproduce.

One of the best things about UV air purifiers is that they are simple to install (for professionals) and require little in the way of maintenance. They do their work without people in the house noticing it. The only difference is people won’t get sick as often. The purifiers will also eliminate the sort of unpleasant smells that can come from the development of mold.

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