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3 Things to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

Spring has arrived and with it, your heater will see reduced use as you slowly shift to air conditioning season. That makes this an ideal time to consider installing a new heating system, especially if your existing system is old, inefficient or has suffered serious problems over the course of the winter. Here in Redlands, heating installation makes a lot of sense at this time of year, when temperatures are still mild and our scorching summer heat hasn’t yet forced us to turn our attention to our air conditioners. A new heating system can be a boon to your household’s comfort levels come winter, but you need to do a little preparation when you decide to make the purchase.

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3 things to consider before installing a new heating system.

  • Make sure it’s sized properly. The power levels of a heater need to correspond to the size of your house (as well as a few other details like the amount of insulation and sunlight exposure in your home). If it’s not powerful enough, it won’t work effectively. If it’s too powerful, it will cycle on and off rapidly, wasting energy and increasing stress on the system. Hopefully, your old furnace was properly sized, but now is an excellent time to make sure the new unit fits your house.
  • Check the AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which measures how well your heater uses energy. It’s basically a percentage telling you how much of the heater’s energy goes into actually heating the home. (The rest is lost to waste and inefficiency.) Your new heater should have as high a rating as you can afford: ideally higher than your old furnace if you can manage it.
  • Look for upgrades. You may have an older thermostat in your home. Or perhaps your existing furnace doesn’t have a zone control system, allowing you to tailor the temperatures to different settings in different rooms. Now is the time to consider such new additions, allowing you to exercise greater flexibility with your heating and perhaps save money on monthly energy costs as well.

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