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3 Signs That You May Need New Commercial HVAC Installation

The summer is the period when you will have the most concerns about your business’ HVAC system. The temperatures in the Inland Empire and the other Desert Communities can often reach brutal levels, and an air conditioning system that fails on one of the hottest days of the year usually means major trouble for any sort of commercial establishment.

If the current HVAC system that keeps your business cooled down during the summer is an older one, pay special attention to signs that it has worn down to the point where you should schedule a replacement. Repairs sometimes can keep systems running a bit longer; a commercial HVAC specialist will tell you when it is more economical to replace a system rather than letting it limp along with continual repairs.

Here are 3 indications that it’s time to replace your current HVAC system

  • Constant noisy operation: Most commercial HVAC systems are located on the roof to keep down the noise level. However, sound will still reach through the vents—and if the sounds coming from those vents are turning into an unpleasant distraction in the workplace, it is probably a wise idea to consider replacing the aging system.
  • Numerous refrigerant leaks: One of the major warnings that a packaged commercial unit is over the hill is when it leaks refrigerant from multiple places. The cooling level will drop and ice begin to form over the coils in the system. Needing to repair a single refrigerant leak isn’t a reason to replace an HVAC system. But if you must have a few repaired a year, or the technicians finds more than one at a time, it’s time to retire the system.
  • Rising power bills with no end in sight: If your monthly utility bills are rising and you can’t tell why, the problem may stem from an old HVAC system that simply cannot handle its job any longer. When repairs and routine maintenance do nothing to change the upward trend in costs, replace the system.

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