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Russell's Heating and Air Conditioning Repair PeopleNo one really thinks about their heating system… until it doesn’t work. And while Yucaipa is mostly known for milder weather, there are months when a high quality heating system is needed. The best time to find and fix any problems or issues with your home heating system is before they happen. As the temperatures drop, now is the perfect time to book one of our certified Yucaipa, CA technicians for furnace installation, furnace maintenance, or furnace repair to keep your heating system running at optimal levels so you and your stay warm this season.

Furnace Installation

Furnaces aren’t a one-size fits all, which is why our Yucaipa, CA furnace installation team conducts a free analysis of your home’s heating needs so they can determine the furnace that’s best for you.

There are so many types of furnaces and home heating systems out there. How will you know which one is right for your home?That’s where our expertise comes in. We make the process of buying and installing a new furnace easy. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, our team knows the brands of furnaces that work best for every home environment.

  • Free consultation and analysis of your home heating needs
  • Free estimates with new installation
  • Friendly, certified, and highly-trained professionals
Furnace Maintenance

A furnace is more than just a home purchase; it’s an investment. Routine furnace maintenance and troubleshooting are the best ways to care for and protect your investment so your heating system will last for years.

Our team performs furnace maintenance in Yucaipa, CA and beyond including tune-ups in the warmer months as well.

Furnace Repair

We diagnose and perform all kinds of furnace repair issues. Some of the more common issues our customers experience include:

Clogged Air Filter: For forced-air heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps, a clogged air filter is the most common cause for repairs. A clogged filter will prevent the flow of air into your heater which can cause overheating, short cycling, insufficient heating and increased problems. Our Yucaipa heating repair technicians can resolve clogged filter issues and get your heating system back to high performance.

Not Enough Heating: This is also a common problem with many heating systems. The Yucaipa heating repair technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning have the experience and training to work on all types of heating systems — from electric baseboard heating and boilers to furnaces, heat pumps, and more.

Strange Noises: Few things are as frustrating as the sound of strange noises coming from your furnace or heating system! Not to worry, our Yucaipa heating repair technicians are experts at identifying and resolving any strange noises coming from your furnace or heating system. This includes furnace rattling, boiler squealing or leaking, and furnace or heat pump squealing. Our Yucaipa heating and repair technicians are all highly-trained experts who will diagnose and repair the strange noises and get your furnace and heating system back to normal.

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