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Russell's Heating and Air Conditioning Repair PeopleFor all of your furnace repair, furnace maintenance and new furnace and home heating installation services, you can depend on the professional team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino.

We treat our customers like family and for more than 30 years we’ve been honored serve the home heating needs of our friends and neighbors in San Bernardino and beyond.

Our team is expertly trained to conduct routine furnace and heating system maintenance, to diagnose and resolve any furnace and heating repair issues, and to install replacement furnace or heating systems in your home. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction so your home heating system performs at maximum efficiency all year long.

New Furnace Installation in San Bernardino

If you’re considering replacing or upgrading your home furnace or heating system, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. Trust the professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning to handle all of your new furnace and heating installations seamlessly.

Our trained experts will assess your home and discuss with you your heating needs as well as your budget. Then, they will offer their professional recommendation for the type and style of new furnace or home heating system that will serve your home best and save you time and money.

Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino is family owned and operated and we take pride in hiring only the most highly skilled, professional technicians who will do the job with the courtesy, friendliness, and expertise you deserve.

Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino offers:

  • Free consultation and home analysis to determine your specific heating needs
  • Free estimates with every new furnace installation
  • Friendly, certified professional technicians who do the job right and on time
  • Flexible finance options
  •  Your 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
Furnace Maintenance in San Bernardino

If you need routine maintenance on your furnace or heating system, call the professional team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino. Just as regular maintenance on your car, truck, or boat keeps them running smoothly, scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace or heating system is the best way to identify small issues — resolve them — and prevent larger issues from happening in the future.

We will keep your furnace and heating system running efficiently so you don’t have to worry about unexpected issues down the road. Now is a great time to schedule a checkup for your furnace and heating system. Our technicians will perform diagnostic tests to make sure your entire system is running efficiently. And, they will quickly resolve any issues proactively so you won’t have to call our team later on for repair issues.

Keep your furnace and heating system running smoothly!

Furnace Repair in San Bernardino

When your furnace isn’t working properly or if it’s stopped working altogether, you can depend on Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino to handle even the most challenging furnace repairs.

Need 24/7 emergency furnace or heating repair services? We got you. Call our team now for 24/7 emergency repair services. We will fix your furnace and restore comfort to your home as soon as possible.

Our certified professional team can expertly handle any furnace issues large or small, but some of the most common issues we deal with include:

Clogged Air Filters:

When your air filters are clogged the air flow throughout your entire home is negatively impacted. Your air filters are designed to capture dirt, dust and any other debris and prevent it from entering your home and polluting the air you breathe. When filters are clogged, your system has to work harder because the path through the filter is more difficult. This can cause your heating system to work harder which means your utility bills will be higher. Let our team fix your clogged air filters and restore comfort and clean air to your entire home.

Insufficient Heating:

Clearly, if your furnace or heating system isn’t pushing warm air when you want it, there may be a problem. Our professional technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in San Bernardino can figure out what is causing the problems whether it’s with the electric baseboard heating, boilers and furnaces, or with heat pumps and other heating equipment.

Strange Noises:

If you hear strange noises coming from your heating system, that’s a good sign there may be a problem. Whether it’s rattling, squeaking, banging, hissing or other such noises, our professional technicians are specially trained to handle it all.

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