Furnace Services and Heating in Redlands

Highland, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Services by Russell's Heating & Air ConditioningIf you’re looking for furnace repair services, new furnace installation, furnace maintenance or assistance with your home heating system and you live in Redlands, call the professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning. We performance routine maintenance to keep you furnace and home heating system in top working order and we work efficiently to fix any heating or furnace issues you may be experiencing.

You probably don’t even give your furnace or home heating system a second thought in the middle of the hottest season here in southern California. And in the cooler months when the temperatures dip, you just expect your furnace will kick in when you need and work without issue. But in order to keep your home warm and comfortable when you most need it, you need to schedule routine tune-ups and maintenance during the off-season. That way, your furnace and home heating system will work when you rely on it most.

New Furnace Installation in Redlands

For new furnace installation in Redlands, you can trust the team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our team of highly trained professional technicians are experts on the newest furnaces and home heating systems.

With every new furnace installation, we first conduct a complimentary home analysis to determine your needs so we can make the best recommendation for a new furnace for your home.

We are a family owned and operated business and for more than four decades we’ve proudly served our friends and neighbors in Redlands, CA and beyond. We are here for all of your furnace and home heating needs.

With Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Redlands, we offer:

  • A free consultation and in-home analysis
  • Free estimates with every new installation
  • Professional, courteous and on-time service
  • A commitment to 100% customer satisfaction for every client, every time
Furnace Maintenance in Redlands

You wouldn’t ignore your car’s owner’s manual and skip oil changes, tune-ups and tire rotations, right? Then why would you skimp on making sure your furnace is primed and ready to perform when you need it?

Preventive maintenance is key to discovering small issues that may turn into larger more costly issues down the road.

Keep your home warm and comfortable in the cooler months and schedule a routine tune-up or maintenance appointment with the professional technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Redlands.

Furnace Repair In Redlands

The last thing you want to worry about is a broken furnace or a furnace that isn’t working right. But when it happens, you can rely on the professional technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Redlands. Our team is highly trained to inspect, diagnose, and repair any furnace repair problems or issues. And, for those times when your furnace breaks down after hours or on weekends when many repair places are closed, we are pleased to offer our customers the convenience of 24/7 emergency furnace repair services in Redlands.

We get calls for many different furnace or heating system concerns, but the most common fall in these categories:

Clogged Air Filters:

Your air filter is intended to seamlessly flow air throughout your home. But when dirt, dust, or other particles become trapped it can make your whole system run less efficiently. Your system works harder to force air past the clog of debris, which causes your utility bill to skyrocket. Save money and allow our team to unclog your air filters and restore the natural flow of air to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Insufficient Heating:

You’ve inched up your thermostat settings but your home is still not getting warmer. When the air flow coming from your heating system is not warm or simply insufficient, your system is being strained. This isn’t good for your wallet and it’s definitely not good for your heating system. Give our team a call. We can resolve any issues with insufficient heating that may come from your boiler, furnace, heat pumps, or other heating equipment.

Strange Noises Coming From The Furnace:

A sure sign your furnace or home heating system isn’t working properly is strange noises. Our professional team will identify and eliminate the source of any creaks, squeals, rattling, banging, or leaking noises to get your system back to operating efficiently and quietly!

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