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We provide expert air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance and servicing, and new air conditioner installation in Colton. The team of highly trained, certified technicians from Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning knows how to care for, repair, or install air conditioning systems to keep your home comfortable all year round. 

We provide comprehensive solutions to all your air conditioning needs. And, we are proud to be Colton’s top choice for AC repair, AC maintenance, and the installation of new AC systems.

Need Emergency AC Services in Colton?

Need emergency air conditioner repair services? We offer 24/7 emergency, after hours air conditioning services in Colton to get your air conditioning system running efficiently. 

Our licensed and trained technicians can expertly diagnose, repair, service, or completely replace your home’s air conditioning system. We’re trained on all air conditioning systems including those found in older homes. We perform service calls and repairs on any air conditioning system — even if we weren’t the original installer. Let the team from Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Colton help restore your home AC system to maximum efficiency.

With more than three decades of service to the Colton community and beyond, Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Colton offers comprehensive air conditioning services, including:

  • 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair services
  • Professionally licensed technicians
  • Quality craftsmanship and exceptional service
  • Free consultation and in-home analysis for every new AC system installation
  • Flexible financing options
  • A customer loyalty program featuring exclusive offers, discounts, promotions, coupons and more
  • More than 40 years of dedicated service to the Colton community
Looking to Install a New AC System in Colton

If your home’s air conditioning system is more than ten years old or if it’s blowing hot air or not cooling as well as it used to, it might be time to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient system. 

Our expert AC technicians are highly trained to professionally install the latest home air conditioning systems. But how can you know which one is right for you? With every new home air conditioning system installation, we conduct a free in-home analysis. Then, we work together with you to discuss your needs, goals, and your budget. And finally, we use all of that information to make a professional recommendation to install the air conditioning system that will meet all of your home cooling needs.

Installing a new home AC system doesn’t have to be complicated. Our goal is to make it as process simple and worry-free as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Colton

There are lots of ways to know your AC needs repairs. It is making strange noises? Do you feel like you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat because it’s not cooling your home as efficiently as it used to? Does it seem to be running for longer periods of time? If any of these are happening, call our professional air conditioner repair team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Colton. 

Our AC technicians can expertly resolve any problems or issues with your home’s air conditioning system. Call us at the first signs of the following: 

  • Is your AC failing to cool?

If your thermostat is adjusted properly, but your home is getting any cooler, there could be an indication of a failing compressor, or a broken or malfunctioning fan motor, or it might simply be a troublesome thermostat. Leave it to our team to diagnose and quickly repair any AC issues to restore cool comfort throughout your home.

  • Is your AC making strange noises?

The only sound you should hear from your air conditioning system is the soft whoosh of cool air being blown throughout your home. Any other noises are a sign of trouble. Squeaks, clicks, hisses, or gurgles you hear should be checked out by a professional air conditioning technician. Call at the first sign of weird, strange noises before they become bigger problems in the future.

  • Is your AC filter dirty or clogged?

A clogged or dirty air conditioner filter prevents the smooth and efficient flow of air throughout the ductwork in your home.

The AC filter is specifically designed to capture dust, dirt, and other particles and prevent them from either blocking the flow of air or seeping into the air flowing through your home. A dirty air filter causes your entire AC system to run inefficiently. It has to work harder to do its job and working harder translates to higher utility bills in the long run.

Call the professional team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Colton to schedule a service appointment to ensure your AC filter is clean and debris-free so your system can continue running smoothly.

Air Conditioning Service Maintenance in Colton

Air conditioning maintenance and routine servicing will keep your home AC system running smoothly. It can also save you tremendous time and money by helping to preserve, protect, and most importantly prolong the life of your home air conditioning system. 

Make sure your home air conditioning system is primed and ready to beat the unbearable southern California heat and keep your home cool and comfortable. 

Call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Colton today and we’ll work with you to determine a maintenance schedule that will keep your home AC system running at optimal levels.

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