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  • Family owned business with a distinguished 40-year legacy of service
  • Free consultation and analysis of your home or office air conditioning system
  • Financing options available
  • Customer loyalty program with rewards and incentives
  • Hard working, professional certified technicians who get the job done right and on time
  • 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair services


If you’re looking to upgrade your existing air conditioning system or install something brand new, you can trust the team of air conditioning professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Banning. Our team meets with you to discuss your needs and recommend the best air conditioning system to provide energy-efficient cooling for maximum home comfort. Our licensed technicians are familiar with the latest models of air conditioning systems. Once we understand your needs, we will recommend and professionally install an air conditioning system ideal for your home or office.

We offer free estimates and a free home consultation. And, we offer financing options to make purchasing a new home air conditioning system as worry-free as possible.


There are lots of ways to beat the sometimes scorching southern California heat and one of the best is with a high-performing, maximum efficiency home air conditioning system. Keep your air conditioning system in top working order and trust the professional repair technicians at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Banning.

Our professional technicians are highly trained on the latest air conditioning systems as well as ones that have been around for years. We can quickly diagnose any problem for any air conditioning system, new or older, and provide repairs to get it back to working at maximum efficiency.

In need of emergency air conditioning repair services? No worries. We’ve got your back. Call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Banning for 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair services.

We offer a 30 day guarantee on parts and labor and we offer warranties up to five years, depending on the part.

We have experience repairing a variety of home air conditioning issues. Some of the most common repair issues include:

Air Conditioning System Failing To Cool

This is one of the most frequent calls we receive. A customer has adjusted the thermostat to an ideal cooling temperature, but only feels warm air coming through the system. The home isn’t cooling, the system is working hard, and your utility bill is climbing. This could be a number of issues including a broken compressor, a clogged or dirty filter, a broken fan motor, or simply a bad thermostat. Leave it to our professional team to diagnose and repair any issues with failing to cool to get your home back to a cool, refreshing temperature.

Strange Noises Coming From the Air Conditioner

Squeaks, gurgling, hissing, squeals or any other unusual sounds coming from your air conditioning system are sure indicators of a problem. Our team will inspect and replace motor belts, identify and fix any leaks with the refrigerant or compressor to restore quiet and comfort to your home air conditioning system.

Air Filter is Clogged

Your air filter protects the quality of air that circulates throughout your home by preventing dirt and other particles from seeping into your AC system. When your filter is clogged it forces your system to work harder which in turn can cause your utility bill to go up. Our team will clean and/or replace your air filter to keep you air conditioning system running well.


Avoid costly repairs down the road by scheduling regular air conditioning service and inspection on your home or office air conditioning system. You rely on your air conditioning system to cool your home or office when you most need it. And when the temperatures skyrocket here in the southern California desert, the last thing you want to worry about it is a broken or underperforming air conditioning system.

Preventive maintenance on your home or office’s air conditioning system is the best way to prevent costly repairs and maintenance issues down the road. Our professionally trained air conditioning repair team will inspect your air conditioning system, identify and repair any issues or problems, and ensure everything is in working order. Preventive air conditioning maintenance is the best way to safeguard your investment and maximize the lifespan of your home air conditioning system.

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