Indoor Air Quality Services in Palm Desert, CA

Indoor Air Quality Services in Palm Desert, CAThe hot climate of Palm Desert and the surrounding areas requires that homes have strong insulation to keep out as much heat as possible. Doors and windows need to remain shut and sealed for long periods so that air conditioning systems can operate at their highest energy efficiency levels. Unfortunately, this seal against the outside often has a negative effect on the homes indoor air quality inside. In fact, it’s likely that the air within your home is 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside.

The solution to this problem isn’t to simply throw open windows and doors (although during cooler weather this is often a good idea). There are indoor air quality installations that will remove the harmful particles from circulating around your house, and which will balance out humidity extremes that can impair your comfort. Where do you find these solutions? Here at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We provide complete services to install, repair, and replace a variety of IAQ products. Give us a call today to schedule indoor air quality services in Palm Desert, CA and the surrounding area.

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