Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance in Palm Desert, CA

Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be providing heating & air conditioning maintenance to our customers in Yucaipa, Redlands, Palm Desert, Highland, San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Banning, Beaumont, Palm Spring, Thousand Palms, Indio, Colton, Rialto, Cabazon, CA, and the Surrounding Areas. All of our technicians are trained and certified so you can rest assured that you are putting your maintenance project in the right hands. Contact your local experts today!

A/C Maintenance Includes:

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance in Palm Desert, CA

  • Cleaning or replacing your filter as necessary
  • Check A/C refrigerant/Freon level and adjust properly
  • Check and clean condensate drain
  • Check operation pressure for proper refrigerant/Freon charge
  • Check and adjust airflow for proper temperature drop and rise
  • Check and recalibrate thermostats
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors
  • Lubricate outside fan/motors as necessary
  • Check all electrical connections
Heater Maintenance Includes:
  • Light and adjust pilot (non electric)
  • Inspect main firebox
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Clean or replace filter
  • Inspect main burner for cleanliness
  • Inspect cabinet for air leakage
  • Adjust main burners for proper flame
  • Lubricate blower bearings
  • Visually inspect flue
  • Safety checks of high temperature/limit switch
  • Safety inspection of heat exchanger for leaks
  • Inspect fan belt
  • Check gas valve
Energy conservation tips:
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help automatically regulate your home temperature
  • Keep your air conditioning system tuned–up to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Clean or replace your furnace filters regularly.
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