Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement Services in Palm Desert, CA

The summers in Palm Desert, CA are as hot as they come, with temperatures reaching 110 degrees or even higher some days. Your air conditioner may be the most important appliance in your home for this reason alone. When planning to install a new system or replace an older one, you want to make sure that money is spent in the right way, and that your new system will function exactly as anticipated. That’s why you should trust us with all of your air conditioning installation & replacement needs.

And that’s where we come in. At Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning, our trained technicians provide high-quality air conditioning and replacement services throughout the Palm Desert area. That means finding a system that works for your unique circumstances, as well as installing it with the confidence and experience you expect. Call our team today to schedule air conditioning installation services in Palm Desert, CA and the surrounding area.

Sizing Your Air Conditioner for Maximum Efficiency

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement Services in Palm Desert, CABefore conducting an air conditioning installation, the technician needs to conduct an energy audit of your Palm Desert, CA home and determine the right power levels for the system. This is vital to ensuring that your system functions effectively. If it’s underpowered, it will run all the time without cooling your home. If it’s overpowered, it will turn on and off rapidly many times throughout the day, engaging in a process known as short cycling.

That’s why we provide an expert examination of your home before installing a new air conditioner. It ensures that your new system is neither too large nor too small, but just right. When it’s put in, it will run as efficiently as possible, keeping bills low and extending the life of the system overall.

When to Call for Air Conditioning Replacement Services

With regular care and maintenance, an air conditioner will last a long time, but sooner or later, every system needs to be replaced. How can you tell when yours is ready to go? For starters, the warranty may have expired. That doesn’t mean your system can’t go on for months and years afterward, but once the warranty isn’t in effect, it’s time to examine the system carefully.

If, after that happens, costs get too high, then replacement is probably the best option. High costs can mean excessive repair bills, a single repair that costs more than the system is worth, or even just monthly cooling costs rising higher than your budget can handle. When that happens, the time has come to pull the trigger on a new air conditioner.

Call for Air Conditioning Installation in Palm Desert, CA

In some dire cases, an air conditioner replacement service must take place quickly, as when an old system breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. But ideally, you’ll have the time to plan the operation properly and install a new air conditioner according to your schedule instead of rushing around during an emergency.

This is important because it allows you to properly determine things like power levels and efficiency rating, as well as plan for upgrades like a new thermostat, or bells and whistles such as a zone control system. A new air conditioner is a significant investment, and expert planning and preparation will help you make the most of it!

Let’s get started on your AC installation or replacement project. Call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning or fill out our online form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. We appreciate the opportunity to earn a 5-star review!
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