Benefits of an Upgrade to Your Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner that has reached or exceeded its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, then you should start considering replacing it. If the AC shows signs that it’s wearing down, has started to cost more and more to operate, or runs up high bills for repairs, then you should stop considering replacement and schedule it right away. Aside from avoiding breakdowns, you’ll save money with the new higher efficiency systems now available.

However, if you have a younger AC, you don’t need to replace it entirely to have better comfort, performance and efficiency. You can instead make a number of upgrades: a state-of-the-art thermostat, a new outdoor unit, or a zone control system. There are some excellent benefits from going with a number of cost-effective AC upgrades.… Read more

Why Heat Pumps Are a Smart Choice

Heating in Redlands, CA is largely a winter affair, when our desert nights get cold and you want a furnace to help keep warm. In the summer, when temperatures climb into the triple digits, the focus is on air conditioning instead of heating. In light of that, heat pumps make a very smart option for homeowners in the area. The technology uses the basic system of most air conditioners to both heat and cool your home. In the summer, it brings in cold air, while in the winter, the same process creates warm air for your home. The Redlands area is an almost ideal spot to install one in your home. Here’s a brief rundown on why heat pumps are a smart choice:

  • Lower monthly bills.
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What are the Benefits of Zone Control Systems?

Anything that can make your air conditioner more energy efficient, particularly during the height of summer, is a great thing for you, your home and your air conditioner. One way to maximize both energy efficiency and personal comfort is to add a zone control system to your air conditioning. A zone control system gives you the ultimate control over how, when, and at what temperature you cool your home, including the ability to turn off cooling to rooms that aren’t being utilized. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning has installed many zone control systems over the years, and our customers have seen first-hand the benefits of using them.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

The first thing to understand about a zone control system is how it works.… Read more

Advantages to Installing a Package Unit for Heating

Here in Redlands, heating services often have to handle package units, which combine traditional heaters with air conditioning systems. Heat pumps – which function as heaters in the winter and air conditioners in the summer – and similar systems make a lot of sense in desert communities like ours. If you’re looking at installing a new heating system, you might want to consider some version of a package unit. Here are some advantages to installing a package unit for heating:

  • It’s efficient. Heat pumps are prized for their ability to warm and cool the air while using much less energy (and costing much less money in monthly bills) than gas furnaces. That efficiency drops when the temperature goes below 40 degrees, but that’s not a huge concern in towns like Redlands, and if it is, you can include a smaller electric furnace as part of your package unit to make up the difference.
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Furnace Replacement? Now Is a Good Time For It!

Here’s a problem that we’ve seen in Southern Californian homes before: a furnace starts to fail to do its job, producing inferior heat, struggling to start up, or shutting off too early. And yet the homeowners don’t do anything to replace it because they imagine they can bundle up a bit and wait until the warm weather starts again.

But, if your home has an old furnace that’s no longer able to do its job, you have to have it replaced. Leaving it there not only means discomfort, but also a spike in costs to run it and the possibility of safety hazards (if it’s a gas furnace, which are the most common type). Upgrading to a higher efficiency furnace will give you many years of worry-free comfort, and the energy savings will help it begin paying for itself the moment it turns on for the first time.… Read more

Consider an APCO Air Scrubber for Your Indoor Air Quality

One of the most important services we provide for homeowners in the Inland Empire and Desert Communities is installing air filters and air purifiers that improve air quality. Most homes can benefit from some type of filtration or purification system, and our experts are skilled at finding the right type of filter/purifier to deal with the pollutants circulating through the HVAC system and the rooms of your house.

A type air purifiers that we often install is the APCO Air Scrubber. The APCO (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) system is integrated into the air ducts of a home, where it uses a combination of UV light and activated carbon to clean air of germs, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde.

The benefits of an APCO Air Scrubber

The Air Scrubber isn’t the ideal match for all homes, which is why you should always consult with a professional regarding your different options.… Read more

Air Conditioning Jobs Only a Professional Can Handle

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningMany homeowners enjoy taking on small fix-it and improvement jobs on their own. It’s not only a way to save money, it can be an exciting adventure on its own and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after it is its own reward.

But not every job in a home can be done as a DIY project. Most work for a central air conditioner should be left to professionals only. In fact, aside from some basic maintenance work such as replacing the air filter regularly and some adjustments to the thermostat, air conditioning tasks are something only trained technicians can do right. Let’s look at a few.

Diagnosing a short-cycling air conditioner

Short-cycling is a common type of malfunction for a central cooling system (as well as a heat pump).… Read more

How Do Cooling Towers Work in a Commercial HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC systems are designed for much higher use than residential HVAC systems, and as such must adopt slightly different qualities. In practice, however, the qualities are more a matter of sizing than technique. Commercial cooling towers are bigger, sturdier and built to handle higher loads than cooling towers in residential systems. In Redlands, CA heating installation services can provide more specific guidelines on cooling towers. But in general terms, how do cooling towers work in a commercial HVAC system?

Cooling towers work on the condenser coils, which can get very hot when the system goes through its cycle and cause problems with the air conditioning process. The tower moves cold water through the heated coils, and then into a heat exchanger, which pulls the heat out of the water and sends it back over the coils to continue the process.… Read more

Does My Heater Really Need Maintenance?

The question about whether a home heating system requires maintenance is one you encounter more often in warm climates, like Southern California, than in places used to arduous and lengthy winter seasons. Simply put, people in Southern California don’t think about their household heaters that often. If they switch on the heater during the occasional cold day and it seems to do the job adequately, fine. No need to worry about it any further than that, right?

Well, no need to worry about it… until it doesn’t turn on.

Yes, your heater absolutely requires regular maintenance. Any complex machine that does such important work will start to wear down and eventually need repairs, and you don’t want to realize this on the coldest day of the year.… Read more

Why AFUE Is Important

If you’ve taken the time to consider your options for a new heating installation in Redlands, CA to prepare for the winter, you’ve probably come across these letters: AFUE. You should know what they stand for and why it’s important to understand what they mean.

The initials AFUE stand for “annual fuel utilization efficiency.” AFUE describes how effectively a specific heating system uses the energy from fuel to provide heat. It’s important to understand this because it translates into how much you can expect to spend warming your home during the time the heater works for you. Although an AFUE rating isn’t the only criteria to use as a basis for purchasing a heating system, it is among the most important.… Read more

What’s Involved in Heating Maintenance

The time for heating in Redlands, CA is coming to an end as the last few chilly days shake themselves out and homeowners start preparing for the summer. That makes it the perfect time to schedule a routine maintenance session on your heater. It’s more of a tune-up than a repair session: designed to clean components and spot big problems while they’re still small for a later repair session. Ideally, you should schedule a session at least once a year to keep your furnace in the best shape it can be.

What’s involved in heating maintenance? A brief rundown of the various steps is included below:

  • The technician shuts down the furnace and turns off the gas flow at the source to ensure that he works in safety.
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Summer’s Almost Over… But the Heat Isn’t! Here’s Some Late Season AC Tips

August is almost out the door, and we’re heading into September. But even though the summer season is in the rearview mirror, that doesn’t mean that your air conditioning system is going to receive much of a break. The hot weather is going to continue through much of the fall, and you risk an overstrained AC that could run into repair problems, inefficiency, even a complete breakdown.

If you scheduled a routine maintenance visit in the spring for the AC, the unit should be in good shape even with all the summer work. This reliability is one of the main reasons to have maintenance annually. There are still some concerns to watch for and steps you should take to see that the air conditioner remains in top shape.… Read more

Why Low Refrigerant in Your Air Conditioner Is a Big Problem

Refrigerant is a chemical blend that cycles through an air conditioner, changing from a liquid to a gas and back again as it releases and absorbs heat. Through this process, heat exchange, the refrigerant removes heat from inside a house, cooling down the space, and releases the heat to the outdoors. Although the refrigerant goes through repeated cycles of evaporation (when it absorbs heat) and condensation (when it releases heat), it does not dissipate: it remains at a set level, known as its charge. Every air conditioner has a set charge level to provide the right balance for heat exchange.

What happens if your air conditioner has a low refrigerant charge? This will cause serious problems with the AC’s operation and will eventually lead to a complete loss of cooling ability.… Read more

Keep AC Costs Down During a Heat Wave

Summer is here, and your air conditioner is most likely running full-time for the season. Believe it or not, there are ways to keep your air conditioning costs down, even when we experience a long stretch of very warm weather. Helping to cut costs doesn’t just help your wallet; it also helps your air conditioning in Redlands by lessening the strain on your system.

Here are some tips from Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning that can help you cut costs this summer, even during a heat wave:

  • Use ceiling fans – ceiling fans help circulate the cool air throughout your home, increasing air flow and comfort.
  • Turn your thermostat up when not at home – if there are periods of time during the day when you aren’t going to be home, turn your thermostat up a few degrees to help with energy efficiency.
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Steps to Take During an Emergency Air Conditioning Installation

When your aging air conditioner dies on you during the summer, it’s a serious situation. You will need to schedule an emergency replacement for it right away if it is clear that it will not be able to operate again. Make sure that you hire only the best technicians you can find for the job of installing your new air conditioning system… people who can work fast but also deliver a professional and thorough job so that you won’t have to spend long in the heat.

At Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve performed our share of emergency air conditioning installation in Redlands, CA in the more than 30 years that we’ve served the Inland Empire and Desert Communities. When you need AC help, make our staff your first call—we’re here to assist you 24 hours a days.… Read more

What Are My Air Conditioning Options Here in Redlands?

We are officially in summer, with temperatures hovering close to 100 degrees just about every day – not the time of year when you want to be without air conditioning. Is it time to replace an outdated system or purchase new for the first time? Whatever your reason for needing air conditioning installation service in Redlands, Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help from beginning to end.

Many factors go into the purchase of a new air conditioning system, starting with the different types of ACs currently on the market. It’s good to understand the different air conditioning products available because technology over the last decade has provided many more options for homeowners than before.

Lots of Air Conditioning Options

Challenging indoor architecture, no ductwork and lack of energy efficiency are all things of the past when it comes to today’s air conditioners.… Read more

Watch out for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

Last week we addressed an issue that can affect furnaces that still use a standing pilot light: the flame changing to a color other than blue, which often means the pilot light is burning something besides methane, which can lead to the release of toxic chemicals. Sometimes, it can also indicate that the furnace is leaking carbon monoxide, which is a serious danger. We want to look into this more specifically in this post, because if you use natural gas in your for any appliances, you must take precautions regarding carbon monoxide.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (chemical symbol: CO) is a colorless, odorless, and highly toxic gas. It is a common byproduct of combusting natural gas, such as in your furnace or stove. … Read more

Common Problems with the Condenser Unit

The large, outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner contains some of the most important components of the system. Home to the condenser coil, outdoor fan, and the compressor, this unit does more than make a humming noise every time your switch on your AC. The outdoor unit releases heat from your home so that you always feel cool air from the vents. This short guide describes how the condenser unit works and some common problems homeowners have with their outdoor units.

The indoor portion of your AC is responsible for pulling heat from your home and distributing cool air. As refrigerant moves to the outside portion of your air conditioner, it makes its way through the condenser coil, changing into a high-pressure liquid and releasing heat.… Read more

Signs that You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

If you operate a commercial property, you probably have a lot to deal with. The quality of the HVAC equipment on your property is important, but it’s probably not the first thing on your mind. For the most part, a commercial HVAC system that is installed with care should not run into many problems over the course of a year. But eventually, you’ll run into problems that simply cannot wait for repair. When the entire heating and AC unit breaks down, business may be affected. Instead, learn to recognize the signs early on with our guide.

Call the people at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning for commercial HVAC repair at the first sign of trouble. Our commercial specialists train specifically on these larger units, including rooftop units and cooling towers.… Read more

Last Minute “Touch-Ups” for Your Heating System

We can now expect hot weather for much of the rest of the year. However, this doesn’t mean you can forget about your heating system in the last days before you shut it down for the spring and summer. There are a number of last-minute repairs and touch-ups you can arrange for the heater that will make sure it’s in the best condition when it finally shuts off to hibernate for summer.

Duct Sealing

This is a fix that affects the entire HVAC system, not only the heater. It’s therefore a good idea to have it done before the air conditioner comes on to handle the heavy work of the summer. If you’ve had trouble over the winter with cold spots in the house or higher utility bills than normal, we recommend having the ducts tested to see if there are air leaks.… Read more

How a Professional HVAC Company Can Help You 12 Months a Year

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningIt’s simple to find an HVAC company in Redlands, CA when you need something like a fast air conditioning repair during the hot summer months, or maybe the occasional fix to the heating system you still have to rely on for short times.

However, there’s more an HVAC company can do for you around the year here in the Southern California deserts. A quality HVAC company, we should say—and it’s not as easy to find those. But since you’ve come to our website, you must know something about how to search for a skilled group of technicians to handle your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation needs!

We have a long history serving the area: our grandfather started his own HVAC company back in 1936 in San Bernardino, and we’re proud of our long, family-ownership tradition.… Read more

Air Conditioning in Redlands, CA: How Leaking Refrigerant Affects your Air Conditioner

Every air conditioning system uses refrigerant. Without it, the system can’t work. The refrigerant in your system switches back and forth between gaseous and liquid states as part of the normal heating and cooling process. If there is a loss of refrigerant in your system, typically due to a leak, it can cause a number of problems.

Your AC Is a Closed System

Your air conditioner is a closed system; as such, if you are losing refrigerant, this is a sign that an existing leak needs to be found before recharging the refrigerant. Why? Adding more refrigerant does not fix the leak, and you may very well find yourself needing to recharge your refrigerant again. Therefore, it’s best to have a Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning specialist repair the leak before adding more refrigerant to your system.… Read more

Reasons to Call for Immediate Air Conditioning Repair Services

There are numerous things that can go wrong with your AC over the course of its lifespan. Most problems start small and build from there. What was originally a maintenance issue eventually becomes a major repair need. There are some problems that command your immediate attention, and it is those on which we would like to focus for today’s blog post. It’s imperative that you stop using your AC immediately if you recognize any such problems because further operation could lead to permanent system damage or even premature replacement. Make sure to hire a professional technician to work on your air conditioning system. Call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning today for professional air conditioning repair services in Redlands, CA.

  • Grinding noise. 
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How Debris Can Create Problems with Your Air Conditioning System

There’s really no escaping it: the air your AC pulls in from the outside is going to have dirt and dust in it. While your air conditioner does use a filter, there’s no way for it to catch all of the dust. So what can actually happen from too much debris, dust or dirt in your air conditioning system? Read on below to find out more and then call us here at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning if you need any kind of Redlands, CA air conditioning repair services.

Redlands, CA Air Conditioning Repair from  Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt can cause several common issues so call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning for Redlands, CA air conditioning repair services.… Read more

Is a Ductless System Worth Installing?

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningIf you look at images of homes in Europe, you might notice that ductless heating and cooling systems are everywhere. You can tell a ductless system by the appearance of small unit place high up on a wall, looking something like a small window air conditioner, except it doesn’t extend through the back of the wall to the outside. (You see a picture at the top of this post.) This is the air handler of a ductless mini split—the “mini” part. A ductless system works through a network of these air handlers placed in different rooms, each of which connects to a single outdoor unit similar to the one found in split system air conditioners and heat pumps.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are becoming more popular in the U.S.… Read more

How do AFUE Ratings Work for Heaters

Here in Redlands, heating installation companies work on a wide variety of heaters, ranging from traditional furnaces to heat pumps to radiant systems built directly into your floor. All of them measure their heating capacity the same way however: with an AFUE rating, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The number is an excellent and easy way to determine a given heater’s efficiency, which helps determine which one can save you the most on your monthly energy costs. But how do AFUE ratings work for heaters, specifically? A brief outline can be found below.

The AFUE rating is actually fairly easy to establish. It’s the ratio of heat output the unit produces to the total amount of energy it consumes.… Read more

Benefits of UV Lighting in your Heating System

You may have heard about UV lighting, which generates light beyond the spectrum we can perceive. It’s one of the things that makes those t-shirts glow in the dark, and can create some really nifty effects for Halloween. But there’s more to it than just an interesting visual look. UV lighting can play a huge role in your indoor air quality, and a system installed in your home will reap benefits for a long time to come.  Here in Redlands, our heating service technicians can install a UV lighting system in your existing HVAC units. But what are the benefits of UV lighting in your heating system? Read on for the answers.

UV lights primarily serve to kill mold, bacteria and various microorganisms present in your air.… Read more

Ways to Boost Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality in Winter

Southern California isn’t known for its brutal, bone-rattling winters. In fact, for many days during the season we won’t need to turn on our heating systems at all to stay warm. If a home has good insulation in its walls and attic and the doors and windows remain shut, it often traps enough heat indoors to keep a home comfortable during mildly cold days.

But you trap more than heat when you have your house sealed off from the outside like that: you also trap air. Over the season, the concentration of contaminants in your home’s air will start to grow, coming from a variety of indoor sources like paint, hobby and personal care products, building materials, and pets.

You don’t need to fling open your doors and windows on cold days and make your home energy inefficient, however, to enjoy better air.… Read more

Aeroseal Is the Best Way to Make Your Ducts Airtight Again

What is the best way to seal up leaky air ducts? There are a few options available:

  • Do it yourself by using duct tape. (This actually won’t work! Please forget we even mentioned it.)
  • Using a special resin-based mastic sealant. The mastic is applied along the leaks and breaks to create a flexible seal.
  • Apply metallic tape (the true “duct tape”) to the leaks to create a mechanical seal.

The second two methods, the ones that actually work, require HVAC professionals. They’ll first test the ducts to determine how serious the leakage is, then target the holes and gaps and close them and make the network of ducts airtight.

Oh, there’s one more method for duct sealing, and it’s not one you’ll find at every HVAC contractor.… Read more

3 Things to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

Spring has arrived and with it, your heater will see reduced use as you slowly shift to air conditioning season. That makes this an ideal time to consider installing a new heating system, especially if your existing system is old, inefficient or has suffered serious problems over the course of the winter. Here in Redlands, heating installation makes a lot of sense at this time of year, when temperatures are still mild and our scorching summer heat hasn’t yet forced us to turn our attention to our air conditioners. A new heating system can be a boon to your household’s comfort levels come winter, but you need to do a little preparation when you decide to make the purchase.

Did you know that Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help you understand the things to consider before installing a new heating system, then set up your new heater with courtesy and care.Read more

Reasons to Call Emergency Heating Repair Service

Here in Redlands, heating issues only tend to crop up for brief periods during the year, such as this past week when heavy rains and low temperatures have kept a lot of people inside. You need your heater to run efficiently during such periods, and when it needs repairs, you want to take care of it as quickly as possible. Many repair services offer 24-hour calls for emergencies, but when is such a call necessary? That can be a tough question to answer, especially if you’re caught between a malfunctioning heater and a reluctance to pay the extra fee that usually accompanies an after-hours service call.

Here are some reasons to call emergency heating repair service rather than waiting until regular business hours.… Read more