What Problems Can Heating Maintenance Address?

The weather here in the Desert Communities is still soaring in the 80s and low 90s, but that doesn’t mean we can simply forget about the dormant heating systems in our homes. We are definitely going to need them at some point in the coming months, and it’s vital that they are working at their best, ready to switch on a moment’s notice. We’ve already talked a bit about how the fall is an ideal time to schedule your annual heating maintenance visit. Now we would not like to take a closer look at the sorts of problems you can prevent and address with maintenance.

Burnt-out motors

Motors form a part of most heating systems, and they are an essential part of any forced-air heater such as a furnace or heat pump. Without motors, there are no working fans to send out the conditioned air. Motors suffer from mechanical stress as they run, and unless they receive regular lubrication and cleaning (which maintenance provides) to see that they do not suffer from too much mechanical friction, they will eventually overheat and fuse their wiring. A burnt-out motor must be replaced.

Miscalibrated thermostats

Checking the thermostat is part of maintenance, and this will make sure that the thermostat’s heat sensors are working properly. A miscalibrated thermostat will cause the heater to turn on and off at the wrong times, leading to inadequate heating and an overstressed system.

Potential safety issues

This is principally important for gas-powered furnaces and radiant heating systems. During maintenance, the technician will check over the gas line and the burners and heat exchangers to make sure there are no issues that might lead to carbon monoxide leaks. A gas-powered heater that receives annual maintenance will work at maximum safety levels, giving you invaluable peace of mind.

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When Is Your Ductwork Beyond Repair?

Without ductwork, your HVAC system simply could not function. As long as your system is regularly maintained and cared for, your ducts have the potential to last for decades. However, at some point you may need a replacement. This is due to age, natural wear and tear, or even damage from outside forces. If you’ve had repairs done before, and yet notice any of the following problems, this is typically a sign that your ductwork is beyond repair and it’s time to replace some or all of your ducts.

Increased Energy Bills

Damaged ductwork allows for significant air loss from cracks, holes, and disconnections This means that you are losing cool air and causing your air conditioner to make up for the loss by working harder. When your AC system has to work harder, it uses more energy, which results in rising energy bills for you.

Visible Dust and Dirt in Your Home

Have you noticed dust and dirt blowing form your vents? Or perhaps you’ve seen a significant buildup of dust on your furniture and household belongings. This may be a sign that particles are being drawn into your system from the outside through faulty or damaged ductwork.

Bad Odors

Your ductwork can provide the perfect breeding ground for biological growths such as mold and mildew, which need a cool, dark, and moist place to thrive. If you smell a foul or musty odor when your HVAC system cycles on, it could be a sign that you have this growth in your ducts. Ultraviolet lights can and have successfully been used to kill these microorganisms, but can only do so much for already existing mold.

If you have the above mentioned problems despite having repairs and maintenance done, the problem may be that your duct system was poorly installed to begin with. Don’t struggle with your ductwork’s performance, hire a professional to accurately replace your ducts.

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Allergy Season Is Coming: Prepare with Indoor Air Quality Services

The drought in Southern California is expected to make allergy season worse this year, with a dramatic increase in the pollen count in the air. If your household has people in it who suffer from allergies and asthma, this may be a particularly difficult spring season for them. But there are ways that you can reduce the problem in your house with professional indoor air quality services. Call our offices and ask about some of the installations and other services we offer that will reduce the pollen count in your home, as well as eliminate other airborne pollutants.

We’ve listed a few of the most helpful services for indoor air quality below:

Air filtration systems

The air filter on your air conditioner is not designed to remove particles that can negatively affect air quality. It’s only there to protect the interior cabinet of the AC. For proper filtration that will remove allergens, you’ll need special air filters. Professionals will find the right type of filters to clean your air without restricting the air flow from the AC.

UV air purifiers

Among the most harmful of allergy and asthma triggers are molds and other organic pollutants that can enter into an HVAC system. These are especially common during spring. Eliminating these irritants requires more than filters, however. Ultraviolet germicidal lights are one of the best ways to destroy these hazardous particles and ensure that they don’t come back. UV air purifiers do their job without using chemicals, so you’ll have the freshest air possible.

Duct sealing

If you have leaky air ducts, it can mean more than just losing energy efficiency from your AC. It can let dust, dirt, and other debris into the ductwork and then into your household air. It also encourages mold growth. Sealing up the ducts will help tremendously with protecting your home from allergens.

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